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Welcome to my Web site at! Here, you'll find information on any appearances I may be making, reviews of my products, and links to some of my favorite websites. Be sure to scroll down for links to my books and favorite products. Please enjoy! — Queen Jean
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Upcoming Appearance
We don't currently have anything planned, but if you happen to spot us out and about at the Vegas casinos, please stop and introduce yourself — we don't mind taking a rest from gambling to chat with old friends and make new ones.

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I post whenever I am in the mood — I love not having the deadline I had with "Frugal Fridays." Although the content is mostly about Vegas and all things gambling, I put in enough personal details that you can keep track of what Brad and I are doing, in and out of casinos. See you there!

Product Reviews and General Publicity

NEW: Jean Scott's Frugal Vegas: "Review of 2015 Edition of Tax Book"

ThePOGG Interview: "Jean Scott The Queen of Comps"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Video Poker Expert 'A Real Nut' About Gaining an Edge" review of The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide by Bill Burton

Casino City Times review of Tax Help for Gamblers by John Grochowski

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Reviews of The Frugal Gambler, 2nd ed. and More Frugal Gambling on

Some of My Favorite Web Sites

1) — I am always being asked where the best video poker games are found. This free site lists where the most generous games can be found, and more.

2) — Hear one of those amazing stories that are passed around the Internet? Before you send it to hundreds of your closest friends, check it out here, where you can find out whether it is fact or urban legend.

3) — One of the best places to find free and/or inexpensive things to do in Vegas, with tons of information for frugal locals and visitors alike.

4) Mark's Las Vegas — This has unique coverage with information you might not readily find elsewhere, including a great "Players Club Comps and Tier Advancement Cheat Sheet" that shows how you can spend/buy your way way up to a higher tier in many casinos!

5) — From this website, you can subscribe for a free monthly newsletter and read former issues. Originally designed exclusively for Seven Stars cardholders, I find that there are plenty of new and valuable details in every newsletter for any player who is trying to squeeze more value from their play at a Caesars property.

— Jean Scott

I no longer handle sales, so orders are handled by Huntington Press. Clicking on the product links below will direct you to to HP's, where you can shop for these and other quality gambling products.

Aside from my own products below, I am happy to endorse Dan Paymar's Optimum Video Poker Software, available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Click here for more information on this essential video poker tool.
Frugal Gambler Casino Guide
A timeless treatment of the foundation of frugal gambling

The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide is a comprehensive update on the low-roller concepts for casino gambling covered in the first two Frugal books. It covers all the casino games, tables and machines, with instructions on how to play longer by losing less. And detailed guidance on everyday arithmetic in game selection and playing decisions, proper use of the players club systems with an emphasis on comps and other free stuff, and taking advantage of promotions will help recreational gamblers accrue the perks that all casino enthusiasts dream about: staying free at hotel-casinos, eating and drinking on the house, and gambling at a profit.

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Tax Help for Gamblers
by Jean Scott & Marissa Chien

Tax Help for Gamblers, first published in 2007, deals with the innumerable nuances and gray areas of gambling and taxes. It covers all the whys and wherefores of this complex subject, including tax-code specifics, record-keeping, filing your tax return, state-tax considerations, and audits and other tax problems. Numerous charts and forms help you see the practical application of the information.

PLEASE NOTE: The 3rd edition has the most up-to-date information. It is available only as an e-book, which you can download directly for your Kindle, Nook, or Apple device.

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The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide
by Jean Scott & Viktor Nacht

With nearly 200 of the most common VP pay schedules, the expected return for each pay schedule, information on progressives, and much more, The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide is a necessary tool for any VP player.

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Frugal Video Poker
Co-authored by Viktor Nacht

Frugal Video Poker is the most comprehensive book ever written on practicing, playing, and winning at this popular casino game. Video poker is beatable when you know what pay schedules to look for and how to play when you find them. Whether you want to play for profit or merely make your money last longer in a casino, Frugal Video Poker will take you where you want to go.

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The Frugal Gambler, 2nd ed.
The book that started it all!

In this completely updated and revised second edition to her gambling classic, Frugal Gambler author Jean Scott brings readers up to speed on changes relative to today's casino scene. The new edition reveals her ongoing accomplishments as a low-rolling player, as well as tips she's gleaned from being a full-time Las Vegas resident.

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More Frugal Gambling
Even more great tips and tricks!

Jean covers all the hot spots of enlightened casino play, including the ins and outs of slot clubs, bounce-back, and comps; finding and participating in promotions and tournaments; developing hosts; using coupons; and the A to Zs of playing video poker. Special sections from Jean's daughter, Angela, provide tips for beginners and low rollers.

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Jean Scott
Queen of Comps

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